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Wolfgang O'Toole is the latest addition to our team here at Charmed Life. He's always eager to take on any project big or small and put his creative spin on it. Wolf is most fond of the new trends in tattooing such as: trash polka, watercolor & painted effects, and sacred geometry. He also enjoys fantasy illustration and traditional Japanese style, but he's ambitious and hungry to take on any type of new and interesting genre. He wishes to stay versatile as an artist and continually expand his repertoire. 

In his free time Wolf continues his study of art in drawing & painting and enjoys painting miniature models of fantasy figures.

Another Baltimore local, Wolf makes every client feel right at home as he executes their ideas into a clean solid design from paper to the skin. Bursting with creativity you need only share a general idea with him and watch as he adds a unique flavor to the simplest of designs ,making your new tattoo striking and soulful. Like the rest of the crew here at Charmed Life Wolf strives to educate each client on all the avenues of possibility in developing their ideas into a life long lasting work of art!