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Darl Gnau

Shop owner Darl Gnau began his tattooing journey in 1998. After many years of traveling and honing his craft, tattooing & painting, on the left side of the Mississippi, he decided to settle back in his home town and open his own place where he could further enhance the fine art of Tattooing.

When asked the common question “what’s your specialty?” Or “what’s your favorite stuff to tattoo” Darl replies he doesn’t have specifics. He views this as a service to the client and simply enjoys taking their ideas and making them distinct and stylish. Most folks declare his strengths to be: Bio Organic, Japanese, & Trash Polka, but he’s always anxious to tackle any project that is challenging and interesting. He always enjoys doing larger work that can accentuate the contours if the human form.

Darl is also constantly pushing to further his abilities through as many artistic avenues as possible. He paints with all mediums from oil to watercolor to spray paint, and has many prints and originals for sale. In addition he has learned how to wield the computer as another sort of brush, producing logo, t-shirt, and flyer designs. Occasionally, you can see Darl performing in Baltimore’s premiere live art competition, Super Art Fight, under the stage name “Apocalypse Gnau”.